Our mission is to rethink business, revive hope, and restore community through restaurants.


Our goal is to create a global chain of non-profit restaurants that will hire and train individuals from reformation and reintegration programs and provide a step towards a better life. All profits from each restaurant go back into the neighborhoods in which they are located to improve quality of life.


who we hire



We hire victims of extreme poverty, victims of homelessness, victims of sexual exploitation, reintegrating convicts, reintegrating recovering addicts, internal and external refugees.




Employee Services

  1. One-on-one counseling

  2. Weekly Support Groups

  3. Leadership development

  4. Personal Financial Management

  5. Self-help Literature

  6. Family-Focused Environment

  7. Restaurant/Hospitality Training

  8. Career Services

  9. Hiring Network




  1. Culinary Basics

  2. Customer Service

  3. Basics of Personal Finance

  4. Safety and Sanitation

  5. Advanced Culinary Techniques

  6. Professional Training

  7. Professional Communication

  8. Resume Writing

  9. Interviewing Skills


restore community



Every year each restaurant sets a goal and donates 50% of its yearly profit towards a larger project set forth by the board of directors. This big project will be decided by reviewing studies of the surrounding community and finding the largest impact on quality of life. These projects may include the building or funding of safe houses to assist human trafficking relief, professional development centers to impact displacement and poverty, after-school programs, potable water pipelines, etc.


Each month we dedicate 30% of our profit towards caring for our local community through various small gifts. We may provide life skills courses, cooking courses, community grants, food distribution to struggling families, funding for child care, student’s tuition and/or books, rehabilitation support for violence victims among other things. Restaurants on Mission believes that if you want to make an impact, you need to start with the individuals around you.


Restaurants on Mission has a global vision; where one restaurant can have a big impact on one community, many restaurants can impact many communities. We dedicate 20% of our profits towards growth. Currently, we are researching potential locations in Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and various US cities. By 2025, we plan to have a strong presence in two continents with a focus on moving into other areas of the world.