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Restaurants On Mission works toward the goal of creating a global chain of non-profit restaurants that hire and train individuals from reformation and reintegration programs to provide a step towards a better life. All profits from each restaurant will go back into the neighborhoods in which they are located to improve quality of life.

They hire victims of extreme poverty, victims of homelessness, victims of sexual exploitation, reintegrating convicts, reintegrating recovering addicts, internal & external refugees and offer a variety of professional development training courses.

Profits created from operating these restaurants go back into the local community in order to improve quality of life; Restaurants on Mission dedicates: 50% of its profits to a yearly city project, 30% of its profits to neighborhood projects and the remaining 20% to growth.   

The great thing about donating to Restaurants on Mission is that your donation will help create a self-sustainable business that will continue to grow your donation; based upon moderate projections, your donations will double every four years.

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