Revive Hope


One of the primary visions of Restaurants on Mission is to hire, train and change the lives of those who have been victims of extreme poverty, homelessness, addiction, sexual abuse and/or slavery, or are currently starting over as an ex-convict or refugee. We aim to support individuals in their reintegration into the workforce so they are able to take a step toward a better life. We are continuously striving to establish networks with local, national, global rehabilitation programs and other charitable organizations to obtain referrals for future employees.

According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurants on are the perfect place to provide second chances. “Restaurants teach vital professional skills such as teamwork, multi-tasking, customer service and time management. These skills stay with people throughout their careers, whether they stay in the industry or move into other professions. Restaurant team members who enter the workforce with little or not experience are provided a career path where they can receive fundamental on-the-job training and are given the opportunity to learn trades that lead to careers as chefs, restaurant managers, or upper level positions in other industries (2016).”